Yellow Metal Lemon Squeezer Only $4.95 Shipped

Amazon has this handy Yellow Metal Lemon Squeezer for only $4.95 shipped! This is perfect for anyone that uses fresh lemon or lime in their recipes and would make a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Made of a sturdy die cast aluminum that won't break with normal usage. It will squeeze the most juice without adding seeds and pulp. Dimension: 8 1/2" length … [Continue]

Dinner411 Ebook Review and Giveaway

dinner411 cover

Today I received a copy of Dinner411 to review and a copy to giveaway from Christina Hitchcock of It's a Keeper. I love to cook, mostly bake, but getting dinner on the table has always been a struggle for me.  I use to dream about getting married, having children, and having dinner on the table at 5:00pm just like my family did growing up.       Needless to say, with a busy husband and 3 active children, no one is home at 5:00pm in our home and if they are it's for 5 … [Continue]

Easy Perfect Roll Maker Sushi Magic Cutter Roller Rice Mold Only $5.31 Shipped


Do you enjoy eating sushi? if so, Amazon hash this handy and easy to use Easy Perfect Roll Maker Sushi Magic Cutter Roller Rice Mold for only $5.31 shipped! Even if you are not a fan, this would make a wonderful gift for anyone that does. Tasty recipe ideas included right inside the box. Dishwasher-safe. Magic Roll,never before has … [Continue]

Star Cut Outs Cookie Cutters, Set of 3 Only $2.53 Shipped


Calling all bakers! Amazon has these Star Cut Outs Cookie Cutters, Set of 3 for only $2.53 shipped! These would make a great addition to any cookie cutter collection. Condition:100% Brand new.Material: Stainless Steel. Size:Approx. from 2cm to 5.5cm.Set of 3 different shapes. With cut-outs it is easy to make fun 3-D shapes for your … [Continue]

What Types of Apples Are There

Types of Apple Varieties

I recently went apple picking in Oak Glen. It is definitely apple season and the ones we picked were Gravenstein, which are aromatic, tart, sweet, crisp and juicy.  I was wondering what types of apples are there? I know there are red apples and green apples. Also I know there are Granny Smith apples and those are best for pie making, and if you … [Continue]

Apple Picking in Oak Glen

Rileys Farm Entrance Sign

Every October we go Apple picking in Oak Glen. However, they also have other fruits at other times of the year. They have blackberry and raspberry picking in July and Peach picking in August. This year I remembered to go in July because I really wanted to pick blackberrys. I have never done it and wanted to make some delicious recipes. We left … [Continue]