Greatest April Fools Pranks

Are you one for a good April Fools prank? I am sure there are many people who live for this day to make jokes and trick their friends. I guess when I was younger this was a lot of fun and I can remember several jokes we told our children when they were young. I guess I outgrew this activity, but wanted to know what some of the greatest April Fools Pranks were. Make sure you sign up for my posts on Bloglovin.

I also wondered how many of my readers actively participated in this day. What are some of your favorite jokes you have played upon people. In searching on line, I found this 7 most epic April Fools Pranks. Which one do you like the best. This post is part of the April Ultimate Blog Challenge.

April Fools Day

Leave me a comment letting me know if you have an April Fools post going out today, or share it on my facebook page.

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  1. ThePreachersWord says:

    Candi, thanks for sharing the link. "Taco Liberty Bell" :) Now that's a good prank!

  2. specialpiinvestigations says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the link.. i actually wanted to prank my facebook friends.