Which is better bagged or loose tea?

Bagged or Loose?

I just started a series on tea and the benefits of tea and your body. Do you like your tea hot or cold? Do you like it bagged or loose? Do you like it green, black, white, red? Wow, so much to learn.

I love tea, I love it all of the above ways. I also like to teach how it’s made, along with tea history. I will share that in one of the posts in my series. Today I will talk on bagged or loose tea.

Loose tea is the best kind to purchase. It is usually full leaf tea. Bagged tea is referred to as tea dust. Find more information on tea tips here.

Do you like your tea bagged or loose

The teaspot.com says  - Bags of tea are generally mass-produced. Often the leaves contained in a bag have been picked, processed, and packaged by machine. In contrast, premium loose-leaf teas are carefully hand-selected.

If you have been to tea stores such as Teavana, you have seen how beautiful full leaf tea can be, especially if there are flowers in it. They have a wonderful store, where you can go in a do a tasting. I highly recommend it.  Full leaf tea is usually hand picked and sold within a year to remain fresh. Bagged tea may be on the shelf for a few years.  Loose tea is also a higher grade than diced up tea in bags.

There is usually a price difference between the two also. Loose leaf tea is generally a higher price point. But it’s like they say (who are they), you get what you pay for. If you don’t care, you might not even notice the difference until to try the loose leaf.

Caffeine extraction, together with nutrients loss, causes tea bags to taste bitter. In contrast, if you want a cup of tea that is calming and relaxing, then you will have to go loose-leaf.

Did you know the more times you use the tea bag or loose tea in a tea ball or tea envelope,  the more you weaken the caffeine. You can get the same flavor but less caffeine. I think its a wonderful trick. I hope you will go out and try some loose leaf tea, come back and share what flavors you like.

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  1. thatstoocute says:

    I use both. I use bagged for a quick every day cups, and loose for those days that I need to take a breath. We like to have tea and scones for Sunday brunch. Can't wait to read more!
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  2. I am something of a tea fanatic – and I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't like coffee. I use both bagged and loose, and have several cute little tea balls hanging around :-) I'm looking forward to to hearing tea history!
    My recent post The Child's Obligation

  3. We are all loose tea in our home! I definitely think it enhances the flavor. I can't wait to learn more about tea!
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