5 Things I Learned This Week About Cats

I don’t know if you are a cat person or a dog person. But this has been a crazy week for me, personally and blog wise. But, guess what? In all the craziness, there are 5 things I learned this week about Cats.

5 Things I have learned this week about cats collage

It’s been one of those weeks, where you feel like your the worst mother in the world, your house is a mess, you didn’t cook all week, and exercise, What’s that? I have been staring at my computer all week long and gotten nothing done.

The one bright spot in my week was watching my cats. I have three. 2 that are 7 years old and then we found a kitten last summer and I brought him home. He is like the baby that you thought you were done with having. He cries at night and wants to play all day. I think I am too old for this.

Anywho! When I am feeling kind of Meh, I seem to just turn towards my cats and watch them. This is where the  5 things I learned this week about cats comes in. I am getting back on topic.

  1. Cats don’t have to leave the house or join the gym to exercise. They run all over the house like it’s an obstacle course. They can be asleep and in two minutes they are chasing each other through every room, and they sometimes try to knock me down. But they are very humorous to watch.
  2. You don’t have to cook for them. You just have to fill their bowls about five times a day. They eat incessantly. They never say “I don’t like that,  Or you made that 5 times this week already” Sheesh.
  3. They never say or make you feel bad, because you were gone all day and left them home alone. Plus, they haven’t learned how to use GPS and track you down, and say I just saw you pass PetSmart on my find my friends app.
  4. They don’t come in and grab the remote control and turn off Big Bang Theory just to start Binge Watching Netflix and sports. My cats hate sports.
  5. But lastly, my cats don’t need to have swag, listen to rap music, need a chauffeur, take my last dollar, wear their pants down to their knees. etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and etc.,

But the one thing they can’t do is come up and give me a hug when I am sad,  make me dinner when I just can’t do, and ever so surprisingly do a few chores around the house to help me out, or tell me they Love me and it will be better tomorrow. (I love my human kids)

Thanks for hearing my rants. What is your destresser for tough weeks? Leave me a comment and vent.

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