7 Tips to Stay Energized During the Day

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My 7 tips to stay energized during a busy day?

Ice Chest of V8 Fusion Energy Drinks


Having three children and and running several businesses means I am a pretty busy mama.


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My day starts out early in the morning. I like to get up early and start my blogging before anyone gets up. So I am up an hour before anyone else. I love the quiet time. It helps me plan my day better and make my to do list.

I usually make a small protein shake or eat some type of protein. That gets me through a few hours. I can also take my vitamins at this point, that way I don’t forget.

Then I usually take the kids to school and stop at my husbands shop to help with the accounting and banking. I try to eat more protein in the morning to keep up my strength. I recently had a thyroid issue and lost a lot of weight and then gained a lot of weight. So it’s really important that I eat well and eat often.

I try to eat about 6 meals during the day, but also drink lots of water. I like to keep an ice chest in the car with me, so if I am driving around I don’t have to make stops at fast food places, and blow my hard work.

I love the new drinks they have at Walmart called V8 V-fusion+ energy drink and they have some of my favorite flavors. I like Pomegranate Blueberry and Orange Pineapple,  the secret ingredient is Green Tea which gives you natural energy.

You know how I feel about tea. It’s my all time favorite drink.

So back to my busy day. I also do a lot of baking professionally and for my blog. So I sometimes need to pick up some ingredients and then work in the kitchen, then I need to get some writing in.

Then in the afternoon I am off to pick up the kids and take them to their sports and then before I know it,  it’s dinner time. Around 3:30 pm, I hit a serious low. That is the perfect time to get into my ice chest and open a V8 VFusion Energy drink, which is only 50 calories per 8 oz serving. I also keep some fruit and string cheese with me.

I try to fit in a 2 mile walk in the afternoon. I have a great accountability neighbor that keeps me on my toes.

Now I finish up the day with a nice dinner or barbecue with the family. Family time is important to us, so I try to balance out my hectic day with some fun family time, and get all my hugs in. It wasn’t always like this, but as our kids get older, we realized we need to get these hugs while we can before they leave the nest.

I always get at least 8 hours of sleep. It doesn’t matter what my day looks like. I am all about the rest.

That’s how I roll with my day. What is your best kept secret for getting through a long busy afternoon?

V8 Fusion Energy Drink Pomegranate and Orange


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Walmart aisle for V8 Fusion


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  1. What great tips. Now that I have a sugar and gluten allergy I have to keep more foods with me to eat throughout the day of carting kids back and forth. Good to know I am not the only mommy that is constantly on the go. I always forget about bringing drinks with me though.. haha The life of a mom 🙂

  2. Keeping healthy snack food on hand is a great tip. We also keep a small soft cooler with carrot and celery sticks, crackers, cheese and water when we’re out for the day.

  3. I think the ice chest is a tip I might actually have to implement. I’m pretty good about getting enough sleep and exercise, but I know I don’t drink enough water. Maybe having an ice chest while I’m on the go will help keep me hydrated – thanks for the tips!

  4. I love your idea of keeping an ice chest in the car! Sure makes sense here in the desert. I can’t wait to try one of these yummy-sounding V8 drinks! Love that they only have 50 calories. xo

  5. My kids are now all off for the summer so it’s going to be an adjustment trying to keep my energy up with them home. An afternoon pick-me-up is a must. #client

  6. Great tips! I’m a morning person and love to get up and go. I like the idea of the ice chest in the car to keep your food and drinks cold. Great idea! Saw this on Motivation Monday.

  7. Great tips, Candi! Planning ahead definitely helps me eat better when I’m busy. I’ll have to give the new drinks a try. Thanks for the tip!

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