Back To School Beginning teen makeup tutorial

This week I treated my daughter to a Back To School Beginning Teen Makeup tutorial. My friend Chelsea Garza is an inspiring makeup guru and was going to film for her youtube channel  and I asked if she needed a model.

Back To School Makeup Tutorial

As a parent, there are many battles we face with our kids. Knowing when the right age to talk about things, to allowing them to grow and have freedom. My daughter is the last and only girl in the family and she is pretty level headed and not really into the makeup scene, but I am sure it’s just around the corner.

Back to School Beginning Teen Makeup Tutorial


Sydney Makeup Done

Back to School Teen Makeup Tutorial Chelsea Sydney Princess and Sammy after make up lesson

She has experimented over the last two years and has been really good about listening to her parents say “Not gonna Happen”. She is very athletic so it hasn’t really been much of an issue. Now she is getting older and I thought we could have a fun afternoon and get her makeup done and be in a video.

She is a beautiful natural looking girl with  minimum acne. We have always taught her beauty comes from within and she doesn’t need makeup to prove anything, it can just accentuate her personality. She was excited that I brought it up and the next day we headed out to Chelsea’s house.

Back to School Makeup Our beginning image Sydney getting makeup lesson

I am going to let you watch the video to see all that happened. We were very happy with the outcome and we got some great ideas for adding a little more on picture day, and maybe some waterproof mascara for sports days, or even clear mascara for regular days.

Since makeup can take some time in the mornings, I am sure she will be wise on picking the days she wants to wear it. We did decide on just the basics for now and she can grow into it.   This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

Good Complexion Starts With

  • Good Sleeping Patterns
  • Good Food Habits
  • Regular Exercise
  • Good Skincare System Day and Night
  • Positive Body Image
  • Great Attitude
  • Lots of Smiles and Laughs

The video begins Chelsea Garza and Sydney


Sydney and Chelsea on Youtube

Make Up Chelsea Used

What are you thoughts on Back to School Makeup?

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  1. YAY!! This was so much fun. It was such a pleasure to get to be able to do this with Sydney! She was such a great model!! You’ve got a fantastic girl there!

  2. Love this! “Don’t do it for guys.” I’m going to repeat that for my girls. I always tell them they don’t need makeup but it’s fun. And that’s why I wear it. It’s fun to play with color and accentuate features, but it’s not necessary.

    Great video and very natural looking makeup. Really good message mixed in as well.

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