Easy Christmas Craft: Chalkboard Christmas Wreath

I came up with this super easy Christmas Craft, a chalkboard Christmas wreath in about 5 minutes. I’m all about easy crafts especially at Christmas time when I have a huge list of tasks to get done yet I want to spend some time creating new Christmas decorations for my home.

Easy Chalkboard Christmas Wreath
Easy Chalkboard Burlap Wreath

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Easy Christmas Craft Chalkboard Wreath

This is Barb from A Life in Balance, mom of 5 kids with way too many years of parenting experience under my belt. While I love to craft, especially at Christmas time, I don’t have a permanent craft space or lots of time to craft. I’ve become an expert at doing crafts in 15 minutes or less!

The basis for this wreath is a simple burlap wreath I made this past spring. Each season, I can change the decorations on the wreath in about 5 minutes, making it one of my favorite decorations for our home.

The inspiration for this easy chalkboard wreath came from 2 places. First, when I was in Terrain, an amazing gardening shop near me, I fell in love with the copper decorations and fairy lights for Christmas. Second, when I found the chalkboard tags at Michael’s Craft store in the dollar bin just a few days ago, I knew immediately I would use them on my burlap wreath.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Making the burlap wreath is easy, and once the basic wreath is done, you can update it seasonally.

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Supplies Needed


Using a hot glue gun to secure the garland, I wrapped the burlap garland around a styrofoam wreath form. I hot glued the burlap each time I went around to make sure the burlap stayed in place. I put the ends on the back of the wreath form. If you’re worried about the ends coming off, use a pin to pin them in place, making sure the pin doesn’t go all the way through the foam.

How to Make a Chalkboard Christmas Wreath

Now that your wreath is made, let’s prettify it for Christmas.

Thanks to the dollar section at Michael’s Craft Store, I find lots of fun inexpensive craft supplies like these chalkboard tags to add to my wreaths. Earlier in the fall, I found some 4-inch wide chalkboard paper flowers which I used for my Halloween wreath. I used a permanent chalkboard marker to add simple dots and dashed to the flowers for extra oomph.



If you can find the chalkboard markers at Michael’s Craft store, you’re all set for making this wreath. However, if you don’t have access to the tags, they’re easy to make. Find small wooden shapes at the craft store and paint the front with chalkboard paint. Two coats of chalkboard paint should be enough. Hot glue a clothespin to the back of the shape, and voila, you have a chalkboard tag.

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