How To Make A Pot of Tea

 Many wonder how to make a pot of tea? Depending on where you might live you may not know.

We are going to show you the best tips to make the perfect pot of tea using loose leaf tea. You can also get more of my Afternoon Tea Recipes and tips.

Pot of tea with two teacups

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How to make the perfect pot of tea

Fill a tea kettle with bottled water or filtered water for the best results. Set it on the stove just until it boils. You can also use an electric tea kettle. While you wait, you can take a pretty ceramic teapot and run it under hot water so it will be warm when you put the hot water in it.

I also recommend using a tea cozy on your pot. Pick your favorite loose leaf tea and add it to a tea ball or tea filter and place it in the water in your teapot. Wait for about 4 – 5 minutes and take out the tea. If you leave the tea leaves in longer it can make your tea bitter. You can find out more about loose leaf tea from this post.

When making larger pots of tea for large groups, purchase or rent a large coffee maker just make sure you only use it for tea. Fill with distilled water and heat. Then add water to teapots and bring to the tables.

For Black Tea, it is suggested to use 1 teaspoon for a cup of tea and 1 Large Tablespoon for a pot of tea. Make sure your tea ball or tea envelope is larger than the amount of tea you use to give room for the leave to expand in the water.

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Tea Brewing Ideas

You can use the bags or tea ball a second time and you will reduce the amount of caffeine in the second pot. I also suggest having a small tea strainer, just in case some little tea rascals escape when you pour your tea.

Once your tea is ready, get out a pretty teacup and teaspoon and any sugar you may want,  light a candle, get a good book and have a nice cuppa tea. Here are some items you should have on hand to have a tea party.  You can also invite a friend over and have a small private tea party.

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  1. There's nothing quite like a good pot of tea. So important to warm the pot and use a tea cosy, I agree! On a cold winter's day, to be able to top up your cup with more of that hot goodness is great!

  2. I just pinned this because, believe it or not, I somehow made it to my mid 30s without knowing how to brew a pot of tea. I've never tried the loose tea leaves, so I'll have to check those out. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. I have to admit, I brewed my first cup of tea about a month ago when I was sick – loose leaf tea too! I was so impressed with myself! πŸ™‚ I am just coming around to liking tea, but still haven't found a hot tea that has really struck my fancy. What is your favorite?
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    1. I got this great tea once from Washington, it was a lavender spearmint, it was so good. I like blended teas but I also like just a good black tea. there are so many choices you can never get board. Ialso also them down.

  4. I alternate between drinking tea and drinking coffee. Now I know how to brew a good cup of tea-so I will try it out later. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Tea season is upon us! And, believe it or not, I have never made a pot of tea like this before. I usually just boil some water, dip in a bag, and call it a cup. This is fancy and quaint πŸ˜‰

  6. Loose tea definitely makes for a better cup of tea. I have found that some teas take more or less than five minutes to brew. There's a handy tea timer at Maybe I'll go have some tea now!
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  7. I adore a good cup of tea! I tend to use my Keurig to get the hot water now…but there is something about sitting down with a cup, a tea bag, and a hot kettle of water that will never grow old for me.
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  8. I am a BIG tea drinker. I just love the taste of freshly brewed tea over instant or store bought ready. Plus, it brings back wonderful childhood memories.
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  9. Alas, I am not a tea drinker although I heard much advice about the benefits of drinking green and black teas. One day perhaps…

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  10. My husband is a huge tea drinker!! And I have always laughed at him about it…but this totally makes me want to have a cup with him next time he makes it- thanks for sharing.
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  11. Thanks so much! I haven't owned a tea kettle in years, but you have inspired me to possibly buy one again. Great post!
    My recent post Focusing on Your Passion

  12. I only recently started drinking tea again and have only ever either microwaved water to drop a tea bag in or drop random herbs/spices in it to experiment. This was definitely fulfilled some of my curiosities about using a tea kettle! I was wondering though, are tea kettles standard sized?

    I have never owned one so I was wondering if filling it with water results in the same volume across all tea kettles or if this needs to be adjusted for size? Also, I love the tip to use a tea strainer to catch any loose tea leave pieces from tea bags πŸ™‚
    My recent post Staying fit for a wedding: pitfalls and solutions

    1. The tea kettle will have more water than the tea pot. So you will just keep adding water to the tea pot with the loose tea or bags in the pot and it will just reduce the caffeine in it, You can use the bags two or three times.

  13. I love this post πŸ™‚ I just bought some loose tea from an herbalist & I have no idea what to do with it – lol! I have never been a tea drinker, but I'm excited to see if this really works for what she says it will. Thanks for the tips! ~ Renee
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  14. You remind me of of 2 boxes of green and black tea that I bought from the tea plantation I went last month with my family. I will try your tips. Thanks a lot for sharing
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  15. I'm not a tea drinker, but I enjoyed this post. I think that taking a little extra time with any food or beverage, makes it just a little bit more special. I will certainly use this info, when we have tea drinking guests.

  16. Thanks for the tips! I've never been much of a tea drinker myself (much to the dismay of my flatmates when I lived in Scotland), but I do enjoy a nice cup of peppermint tea every once in awhile.

  17. We're big tea drinkers here. Good tip about warming up the teapot! I'll admit I'm guilty of making tea in a mug when I only want one cup. πŸ˜›

  18. I am obsessed with tea. I need to stop myself from drinking too much (I drink at least 4 cups a day). I love your tea set by the way!
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  19. This sounds like a great idea for cooler temperatures. Fall is just around the corner so we will need things like this to cozy up to. Look forward to more days in Candiland πŸ™‚

  20. I really enjoyed reading this post. I'm just starting to drink tea – never liked it before! I pinned this so I can remember this great tips!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I love brewing a nice pot of tea. My husband bought me one of the nice cast-iron teapots for Christmas. Loose tea is so fun and tastes so much better than tea bags. I once read that tea bags are actually the "dust" leftover from processing the tea leaves. Not sure if that's correct, but kind of makes sense.
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  22. Hot tea. Yum! I enjoy a nice cup of hot tea during late fall or winter. Nothing makes you feel better inside than some cookies and tea. Nice post!
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  23. This makes me miss my tea pot so much! I really need a new one for Christmas and now I know how to properly make a pot of tea. Thank you.
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  24. I could go for a cup of tea right about now πŸ™‚ I like flavored teas and some with a teaspoon of honey in it! I haven't ever tried loose tea before, Thanks for these great tips!

  25. I like drinking tea in the evening in the winter, so I will have to bookmark this. I've usually pop a cup of water in the microwave and then drop a tea bag in it…I'm looking forward to trying some better tea! πŸ™‚
    My recent post 10 Random Facts About Me

  26. I’m a 6 – 7 mugs of tea a day kind of girl but sadly most are just a tea bag in the mug, quick stir and a dash of milk. I love the idea of the ritual of using a tea pot, especially a pretty one. I do remember learning when I was little how important it is to warm the pot!

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