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Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of the teas you try? You can rate your teas and have all the information about them in one place.

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Just Imagine

  • Carving out some real quiet time.
  • Spending time on Self-Care
  • Creating a quiet space with your favorite tea.
  • Enjoying a beautiful teacup, and a tasty scone with your tea journal.
  • Writing out your personal thoughts about the flavors you experience and the calmness your tea may bring.
  • Sending out an encouraging tea card to someone who needs your kind words.
  • Playing some peaceful music as you plan out your next tea order.
  • Creating your own tea tasting and experience while you journal about it.

What if you had ... Your own personal tearoom in a corner of your home? or a tea brew guide at your fingertips.

  1. Digital Planner to use with Goodnotes or Penly

    Plus free printable version. Print this journal on 8.5 X 11′ paper and cardstock paper for friendship cards.

    8 Unique Tea Review Sheets

    Generic Tea Review Sheet for a different flavor or type.

    Your Favorite Teas List

    Tea Doodle Page

    Tea Brewing Tips Page

    Friendship Encouragement Cards Printable version only

    Tea Terms

    Tea Journal Page

    Tea Stickers for Goodnotes note-taking app.

    Goodnotes has a free trial version for up to 2 Notebooks. $8.99 one-time fee through Goodnotes. 

    Penly App for Android is $4.99

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