How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board 

To Make Your Dessert Charcuterie Board Pick your favorite flavors, colors, and theme or occasion then search Pinterest or Google and come up with unique ideas and flavors that your special someone would like. 

You can still add cheeses or nuts to your dessert board. Add Cookies, Candy, Fruit or what ever you enjoy.


– Hershey’s Kisses Cookie and Cream from Target or Walmart – Chocolate Wafer Rolls – Dars Milk Chocolate – KitKat Strawberry Chocolate – Chocolate Wafers – Pocky Strawberry Sticks – Pocky Chocolate Sticks – Pocky Chocolate Almond Sticks – Strawberry Cones – Ferrero Rocher – Strawberry Shaped Marshmallows – Original and Chocolate Marshmallows – Creamy Peanut Butter –

Start with a Board 

Add a Few Items

A Dessert  Charcuterie Board is a really fun and easy way to entertain for the holidays! 

To make your board even more unique and delicious, use a heart-shaped board, and heart-shaped cookies and candies..

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