24 Hour Instant Pot  Vanilla Extract

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It has never been easier to make  Vanilla Extract in the Instant Pot.   It will be ready to use in 24 hours for all your favorite baked goods.

Ingredients for Vanilla Extract  – 6 Grade B Vanilla Beans – Inexpensive Vodka or Bourbon 6 Cups total – 3 -16 oz Mason Glass Jars that fit in Instant Pot – Decorative Jars if you want to transfer for gift-giving

Steps for Vanilla Extract   – Slice Beans in half – Pour Alcohol in jars –Seal Finger Tight  – Place Trivet In bottom.  - Add jars and cook for 45 minutes - Natural Release for 30 minutes

Remove Jars from Instant Pot and Place in a Dark Room  Use 24 Hours Later

Make some for all of your holiday baking.  Then give some for gifts.

Give some as Gifts using Labels Here.  


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