Hot Or Cold Tea – Which Is Best?

Do you like hot or cold tea? Learn the benefits of drinking tea and the ones that taste best as iced or hot tea.

What temperature do you like your tea?

It’s no secret here around Candiland that I love tea. In 2005 I started a tea party business and had weekly parties for the Red Hat Society. We would serve between 8 and 40 Red Hatters over in my beautiful Victorian home. It was my dream-come-true home. It lasted about 3 years until we had to sell it thanks to the crazy economy.


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Hot Vs Cold Tea

In that time I discovered that some types of tea taste better hot and some are better as iced tea. This is definitely a matter of opinion. When you serve tea hot or cold, it changes how it tastes and brings out different flavors.

Green Tea

Green tea is just as good for you and tastes just as amazing either hot or cold. In fact, lots of people love iced green tea.

Just make sure that you steep it long enough to release the antioxidants.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea can also be enjoyed either hot or cold. It has a tart flavor that resembles cranberries, so most people combine it with sugar or some kind of fruit extract.

Black Tea

You can brew black tea in hot or cold water. It takes longer to brew it in cold water. This is the type of tea that is commonly used to make iced sweet tea.

Herbal Tea

Depending on how you want to use the herbal tea, you can drink it either hot or cold. If you need to relax before bed, it’s best to drink a cup of hot tea. If you want refreshment on a hot day, enjoy an iced herbal tea.

Tea Health Benefits

Whether you drink cold brew or hot brew tea, it still has the same health benefits.

Did you know that tea is actually good for you? It is the number 2 drink consumed after water. Not only is it popular but there are so many ways to enjoy it. There are probably more combinations than other drink, plus you can drink them hot or cold.

According to here are some of the benefits to drinking this amazing beverage.

Fight Cancer and Heart Disease

Tea contains antioxidant compounds of polyphenols that help the body fight harmful free radicals. It is believed that harmful free radicals can lead to cancer and heart disease. Tea also contains flavonoids that restrict the build-up of cholesterols and help with blood vessel functionality.

Protects Teeth & Strengthens Bones

Polyphenols found in tea may reduce plaque, which lowers your chance of cavity and gum disease. Tea also contains fluoride that helps protect against tooth decay. Fluoride is extracted from the soil by the tea plant. This identified mineral also strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Improves Digestion

The polyphenols in tea, help with the digestion of fatty food by increasing the flow of digestive juices.

Prevent Food Poisoning

The catechins in tea are a powerful sterilizing agent, which kills germs and bacteria. Tea prevents food poisoning by fighting against stomach diseases caused by harmful bacteria.

Helps You Look and Feel Younger

Studies suggested that the high concentration of antioxidants in tea has an anti-aging effect. This is from the antioxidants.

Strengthen The Immune System

Vitamin C in green tea helps to treat the flu and the common cold. Moreover, the polyphenols in tea have shown to increase the number of white blood cells in our immune system.

Prevent Dehydration

Tea is a good source of fluid intake that replenishes lost body liquid. Doctors recommend that it is vital to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day. Tea is low in calories and it is a great thirst quencher.

If you enjoy these reasons to drink tea, stay tuned for the next issue of A Day in Candiland, for different types of tea and easy recipes that you can enjoy.

Leave a comment letting me know which of these reasons, you might start drinking tea. Do you like it hot or cold? What is your favorite blend?

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