Afternoon Tea Party Ideas

Afternoon Tea-Time is a delightful Tradition. It encompasses many variations including, High tea, cream tea, British, English tea,  and Elevenses.

The History Of Afternoon Tea dates back to the Duchess of Bedford in the 1800’s.

The menu can consist of Tea Sandwiches, Scones, Mini Desserts,  and Main Dishes along with a Warm Pot of Tea.

Afternoon Tea Time Recipes and Ideas

Here are a few of the most popular Afternoon Tea-Time recipes and ideas on this site.

Christmas Teas

Christmas Teas

This year order your Christmas Teas early for all your holiday gift-giving while indulging with a fragrant cup of tea to set the holiday mood while reading by the fire. I love this time of year, everything is warm and cozy and people want to spend time with friends and family. One thing I enjoy…