DIY Tea Gift Basket

This DIY Tea Gift Basket can be given year round. You can make these on a budget by shopping at Dollar Tree or your favorite discount store and include all their favorite tea accessories. To get similar Afternoon Tea Recipes and tips find them here.

DIY Tea Gift Basket

How To Make a Tea Gift Basket

If you enjoy giving gifts that are made from the heart, then gift baskets fit the bill. I used to own a gift basket store and have made thousands of baskets. I did corporate gifts so they would order 200-500 gifts at a time.

I had them all lined up in our small shop and then we would rent a delivery truck to deliver them to the hotels. It was a lot of fun, but sometimes, it would get crazy.

DIY Tea Gift Basket (1)

Now I can just make a few at a time. You can create any kind of theme you want for your basket. You can spend a little or spend a lot. This Tea Gift Basket was designed with your budget in mind. Also to show you can get things at your local Dollar Tree store.


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DIY Tea Gift Basket Directions

To start with you need a container. It can be a basket, a hat box, a plate, a bowl, anything that can hold the items in or on.

I started with a hat box from Michaels when they were 50% off. It was originally $10.00

Then you need some newspaper or tissue paper to wad up and put in the bottom of the box. Then you want to add some white or colored crinkle shred on top.

Next, you will take your tallest item and put it in the back. If you have a handle on the container you can tape it or tie it to the handle.

Tea Gift Basket Directions continued

Then you just start adding your items around it. The taller ones towards the back and shorter ones up front. Make sure you can see the items and the labels are in front. If you have space you can add some wrapped candy or some small silk flowers.

The Teacup and Saucer I used from my endless tea items. You can either get one at a thrift store or maybe have one on hand that you might have picked up, or they probably have mugs or coffee cups at Dollar Tree.

Next, you need cellophane paper or a cellophane bag. Place the basket in the middle of the cellophane and cinch the paper up around the basket and leave about 7-8″ of paper above the top of the basket. Take a piece of curling ribbon and tie it off.

Have a bow ready to go. Watch my Video on Bow Making to learn how to do this. Make your bow and tie it onto basket as shown in the picture and in the video.

Have your glue gun ready to go and glue the two tails of the bow onto sides of the basket. Then glue a few silk flowers onto the bow.  Here is my video that shows you how to design.

DIY Tea Gift Basket Make Yourself
$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

Items Needed to Create Gift Basket

Basket or Container

Newspaper or Tissue Paper

Crinkle Shred to match Gift

Tea Cup and Saucer

Glue Gun


Pipe Cleaner 


Items Purchased From Dollar Tree

Crinkle Shred


Pirouline Cookies

Green Tea Face Mask

Set of Note Cards


Mother’s Day Tea

Silk Flower 

DIY Tea Gift Basket FB

You can customize this tea gift basket for any occasion, by adding a few items representing the event. You can also create a Tea for Two into a gift basket.

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Items to Consider

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  1. I want to thank you for the awesome ideas. Even more, I appreciate how you provide a print link so that we can print out for ourselves. This is so helpful and most sites don’t offer that. Truly appreciated.

  2. I did this few years ago with about 15 women. We would donate baskets to assisted living homes, Bible study groups etc. it was our ministry and starting up again. I called my group Traveling Tea with Jesus. Thank you for inspiring me to start again.

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