What Common Types of Apples Are There

What are the common types of apples is a big question when trying to pick out the right apple for baking.  Once you decide you can create some of the best mouthwatering apple recipes for fall.

Common types of apples best for baking

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I recently went apple picking in Oak Glen. It is definitely apple season and the ones we picked were Gravenstein, which is aromatic, tart, sweet, crisp and juicy.  I was wondering what common types of apples are there? I know there are red apples and green apples. Also, I know there are Granny Smith apples and those are best for pie making, and if you need an apple corer, try this one.

I also know about Honey Crisp because I have seen them in the stores for only a few weeks out of the year. They are really large and crisp and taste delicious. If you want to go apple picking you should visit Rileys Farm if you are in Southern California.

How to Care For Apples

So I compiled a few tips about how to care for apples.

  1. The best way to keep apples from turning brown is lemon juice
  2. The best way to store apples is in the refrigerator.
  3. Apples usually last at least a week or two depending on how fresh they are.
  4. The best apples for cooking are golden delicious.
  5. Granny Smith or McIntoshes are good for applesauce.
  6. Rome Beauties are great for a baked apple.

Types of Apples To Bake With

  • Braeburn
  • Cortland
  • Empire
  • Fuji
  • Gala
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Gravenstein
  • Honey Crisp
  • Jonathan
  • McIntosh
  • Red Delicious
  • Rome Beauty
Common Types of Apples to Bake with chart
Apple Varieties and chart

Printable Common Types of Apples to Bake with chart

Favorite Related Recipes

So next time you are wondering what common types of apples there are, you can come back to this post or pin this pie-making list for reference. This is one of my favorite pies to make.

Apple Pie with 3 varieties of apples

What is your favorite type of apple to bake with? Leave me a comment and let me know and share this post on Pinterest and Facebook if you found it helpful.

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    1. I know, I guess I only saw it as red and green before. I do love the honey crisp.
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  1. I love all kinds of apples, both tart and sweet, but my boys prefer sweet flavors so I tend to grab them most often. Thanks for sharing the chart- I love it!
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    1. You're welcome, I learned a little bit about apples from it.

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  2. My son loves apples – every afternoon he sits and shares one with his grandad. These tips are really useful to help us keep those apples fresh for longer.
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  3. I'm hopeless at working out which apples are which and how to store them so this has been a really useful read. I featured it in an Apple round up over on my site too 🙂

  4. This is a great resource! I'm a Granny Smith fan but my parents are Braeburn fans. I didn't know there were so many varieties!
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