Easter and Spring Pinterest

What is on your pinterest boards? Now that we are in the middle of Spring and Easter is around the corner, what do you pin? I think Pinterest is so much fun. It’s like all the things you would like to have and like to make all in one place. The possibilities are endless. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with Pinterest. This post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and if you didn’t see yesterdays post is was on my Spring Mantel.

One thing I have recently discovered is Ahalogy. Ahalogy is a scheduling app for Pinterest that is in Beta right now. You can schedule up to 25 pins per day. Some of your own and some of others. You would set up Ahalogy on your toolbar and when you see something you want to pin, you click on the toolbar and then on the picture in a blog post and it schedules it for you. It is also free. Yeah, we all like free. Another great find is Viral Tag. You can schedule much more with Viral Tag, but there is a charge for this app.

Come visit my Pinterest Board and let me know if you use any Pinterest scheduling tools.

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