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What is a Water Bath

If you have ever asked What is a Water Bath, you will get step by step directions on why you need one and how to create one, for all your custard desserts.

A Water Bath also know as Bain Marie, is essential in making custards, flans, creme brulees, and cheesecakes. It is not as difficult as it sounds but you must use caution since it involves very hot water.

How to Make a kitchen water bath!

Now let’s get started on how to make a water bath and the tools you need and why you need it.  One of my favorite dessert recipes I like to make with a water bath is Creme Brulee. It is a snap to make.

What is a Water Bath?

A water bath is an oven – the equivalent of the double boiler. It is essential to keep an even heat for your custard desserts and prevent from burning in some areas. A paper towel placed on the bottom of the water bath will prevent the ramekins from sliding.

Place the custard filled ramekins in a roasting pan with sides at least 2″  and place on the center rack of the oven. Carefully fill the pan with warm water from a tea kettle, until the level reaches halfway up the sides of the ramekins.

Why You Need a Water Bath.

When you bake using a water bath it helps the dessert bake more evenly. The hot water provides a constant, steady heat source and ensures even, slow cooking for recipes that call for a water bath.

If you use a springform pan for a recipe that calls for a water bath, such as a cheesecake, wrap the pan first with aluminum foil to prevent water from leaking through the bottom. Use two or three sheets in a crisscross pattern for best results.

Once the dessert is baked, turn off the oven and using oven mitts, take the smaller pans out of the water bath and place on a cooling rack. Leave the water bath in the oven until the water is cool enough to remove.

So now that you know how to make a water bath, what will you be making? Leave me a message in the comments.

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Here are a few tools that you will need to make a water bath and links to order.

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  1. Very good info!!! I always shy away from desserts that require this kind of extra effort. I'm no chef in the kitchen…lol
    Thanks for the tips! Maybe I'll get brave and give it a try next time I want to have creme brulee. =0)

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