Christmas Planning List with Printables

Every year I am a little more prepared than the last and I am thrilled to share this Christmas Planner List with Printables so that you can be better prepared and enjoy your Christmas and Holidays.

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Christmas Planning List

Last year I wrote about how to prepare for Christmas and thought these printables would be a great addition.  One of the first things I like to do in January is to prepare a holiday budget based on the previous year and make adjustments. Then I start a savings account and do an automatic transfer each month on payday and transfer 1/12 of the budget into a savings account.

Last year this worked perfectly and I even added my tax return refund into the account and had a little more at the end of the year. Also since we focus on a monthly budget now, we can spend our money where we want instead of being out of control of our spending. I always like to add a little more than I think I need into my savings. For all those added extra gifts or items you might need.

Here are the lists I have created for you.

  • Menu Planning for Christmas
  • Gift List for Christmas
  • Guest List for Christmas

The earlier you plan these things out the better prepared you will be. Once you have it written down, when you are out shopping and see something you need to buy, you can cross it off of your list.

Maybe you see a great gift that would be perfect, it might save you a trip. You might also see an ingredient that is hard to find. I like to buy a few extras of things I can only find at one market. Make sure you print out these 3 lists.

Visual Tip: Make a secret board on Pinterest and pin all your recipes you plan to make, including any holiday baking recipes you will be making. Now you will have all your recipes together and you can print them, or just keep them in one place on your board and review as you start baking. 

I know you will enjoy these Christmas Planning Lists and Printables.  Here are a few other holiday ideas you might like.

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