How To Dress For A Tea Party

From scarves and hats to the best shoes, this is how to dress for a tea party. Find a bunch of tips and ideas in this guide.

Going out for Tea can be super fun. Do you ever wonder how to dress for tea?  It’s kind of like going to church or a wedding. You get to wear things you may not always dress up in. If you are hitting a mind-block and need some fresh ideas, you are going to find them in this guide.


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How To Dress For A Tea Party: Your Complete Guide

The first place you should look when you are planning your wardrobe is the party invitation. What is the expected dress code? Some hosts don’t have one and it’s more of a “come as you are” situation. Others want to have a dressier affair, paying attention to details like your hat and shoes.

In this guide, I’ll share ideas for dressier parties. These are outfits and accessories that fit in with a wide range of different themes.

Tea Party Dresses

The most common themes for tea parties are going to be pastels and florals. Choose a fancier dress that is semi-casual.

In order to avoid being overdressed, pick out something that is midi or knee-length. The best fabric will be something cotton or a poly-blend. It will keep your comfortable – and comfort will make you feel happier and more confident.

As far as neckline and sleeve options – have fun with it! Bell sleeves will give you a gypsy/boho look and a sleeveless dress is more flirtatious.

Above all, comfort should be your guiding factor. If you feel pretty in it, wear it!

Fun Scarves

Adding a scarf to your outfit is an effortless way to add more flair. It’s also a way to stay warm without having to wear a bunchy coat or jacket.

I love wearing scarves. In fact, crocheting scarves became a new habit of mine. I’ve been making them for about a year and the thing I like about these ones is they are not hot and can be worn any time of year.

crochet scarfs

When you are picking out a scarf to wear to a tea party, consider the weather (if it is outdoors) and your outfit.

I live in the desert and when it gets below 70 degrees, I am cold. So these are great in the summer or winter. You just need to change the colors up.

If you are in a more formal dress, you might want a silk scarf. If it is a casual party, then a crocheted scarf can be a fun way to add texture and beauty to your outfit.

3 girls dress up for tea holding hands in the park

Fancy Hats

Have you ever seen the Red Hatters out and about? They are a lot of fun. When I did Tea Parties a few years ago, most of my clients were Red Hatters. There is even a group called Pink Hatters for under age 50.

Take a cue from the Red (or Pink) hatters and wear a fun hat with your dress. If you haven’t ever worn a fancy hat, it might take you a bit out of your comfort zone – but that’s the best part! It’s exciting to try new things.

Don’t let your self-doubt get in the way. When you put that hat on for your tea party, look in the mirror and give yourself a confidence boost. You will be surprised at all the compliments you get!

Tea party hats range from large hats that make a bold statement, to smaller hats with a bit of ribbon and feathers. Typically, when parties are held indoors, people wear smaller hats and larger hats are worn outside.

Girl dressed up sipping tea

Cute Shoes

Choose your shoes carefully. Always match them to your outfit. For a little flair, wear some shoes in a complementary color to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a blue dress, slip on some red shoes.

The type of shoes you wear depends on the location of the tea party. If it is outside, avoid heels that will sink into the dirt. Instead, wear some cute ankle boots or wedges.

Casual Tea Party Outfits

If you are invited to a casual church tea party, then you probably don’t have to worry about dresses or hats.

Instead, choose an outfit that is casual but still ever-so-slightly dressed up. In other words, don’t attend wearing your athletic leisure or leggings.

Here are some ideas for casual tea party outfits:

  • Maxi skirt with cotton blouse
  • Trousers and a blouse
  • Jumpsuit
  • Jeans (without holes) and sweater or tailored cardigan
  • Modest Summer Dress

Most business casual outfits will look perfect at a casual tea party. This guide has some excellent ideas.

Girl trying to decide what to wear holding two dresses

Popular Tea Party Outfit Colors

When you are choosing colors for your outfits, consider the season you are in. You just can’t go wrong when you wear a dress or outfit that displays the current color shades.

These are the most popular shades of colors to wear during each season:

  • Spring: Pastels and Florals
  • Summer: Jewel Tones
  • Fall: Earth tones with orange and blues
  • Winter: Monochromatic black and white.

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More Tea Party Ideas

Are you ready to plan your next tea party? I am so happy for you, it can be so much fun! Here are some of my best tea party tips so that you create the most memorable party of all.

  • Tea Party For Two: This guide takes you step-by-step through planning an intimate tea party for two people.
  • How To Make A Pot of Tea: Before you host your tea party, follow these tips to make the most delicious pot of tea.
  • Host A Tea Party: Follow these steps to create a fantastic tea party from start to finish.
  • Tea Party Themes: Picking out a theme is so important, here is a guide that will help you choose the best one.
  • Tea Etiquette: Don’t make these social faux pas! Follow these tea etiquette rules.

So where do you like to have tea? At a restaurant or teahouse? Or maybe in your own home. Why don’t you share with me in the comments or over on facebook.

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  1. These look so cute and delicate! I haven't crocheted in years, but when I do start again, I would want to start with a small project like this. I'm in the midst of planning a tea party at my house for this Spring! I'm sure I'll get lots of ideas from your site. Stopping by from this week's SITS Tribe Challenge.

  2. My grandmother was a member of the Red Hat Society before she passed away. This small town group did have a lot of fun! I love tea parties and your scarves are super cute! Stopping by from SITSTribe!

  3. We have Red Hat Society Ladies in our town & they have few pink hats amongst them. I always wanted to go to a High Tea , but never found anybody interested enough to go with me 🙂

  4. My grandmother has a similar group! We just love tea and often have our own little tea parties with crumpets, macarons and the like. As for crochet and knitting, I'm not dexterous enough! Or maybe it's a patience thing? I love the look and feel, but can never seem to do it myself.
    My recent post Cute Links: Blog Loving

  5. I love tea parties anywhere. I really like entertaining in the home, though, so I would have to say my favorite teas are outdoors. Here in Bakersfield, that would have to be… about now. I think I should plan a May tea this year, though… what a fun post. THANK YOU! I'm glad you found the #springfling group links.. and for liking the photo I posted today on Facebook!

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