Spring Cleaning Your Purse

Today on the blog, Jen is back and she has shared some great book ideas in the past. This week she is sharing part of the cleaning series we have been doing.

Hello everyone! This is Jennifer from Trekking and Tasting and I am so excited to be back here on A Day in Candiland. Today I am sharing about Spring cleaning your purse. Candi and I have been collaborating about Spring cleaning and we are so excited to be sharing these posts with you.

When discussing Spring cleaning, we spend so much of our focus on Spring cleaning the rooms. But what about some of the items that reside in those rooms? Us ladies spend lots of waking hours with our purses, but have we ever given it much thought? By Spring cleaning your purse, you will be able to find what you need, when you need it. Less time wasted, and less stress and/or panic.

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Spring Cleaning Your Purse

spring cleaning your purse

I have to say, I have to thank Candi so much for this collaboration. I wanted to do something new and fresh, and I was inspired by a sheer moment of panic when I opened my purse and couldn’t find my debit card. And why was that? Because my purse looked like this:

spring cleaning your purse

Yeah, it was that bad. And I don’t want to go through that moment of utter nauseousness again. So here are the steps I took to turn that mess into a clean and organized purse.

Steps For Spring Cleaning Your Purse:

  1. Completely empty out your purse. And I mean everything. Take a moment to go through and purge old receipts(I recommend shredding them). Toss out wrappers or forgotten post-it notes. Gather loose change and put it in a safe place(We are saving ours for a future trip to Disney World).
    inside purse 2
  2. Turn your purse inside out. Shake all the crumbs out of it. Open up zippers and clean them out as well. You want to start with a clean slate.
    empty inside

    inside purse clean
  3. Clean the inside and outside of your purse with an approved cleanser. I got this purse at the Coach outlet 3 years ago when we went on a trip to Wisconsin. I normally don’t purchase cleaners, but it was worth it. My purse still looks almost brand new. Let it dry completely before turning it back the right way.
  4. Invest in a purse liner organizer. I won this on a blog last year, and it was definitely a great addition to my favorite purse. I love that it keeps my spare phone charger accessible and that I can carry a few cleaning items discreetly. I also have a purse hanger tucked in for the times when you want to keep your purse off the floor.
    purse liner
  5. Load your purse back up with the necessities. Now that you have everything cleaned out while you were Spring cleaning your purse, make sure you only put back what you need. All the loose change, dollars, rewards cards, etc. are safely tucked in my wristlet.
    inside organized purse

I added a few other essentials to it, like a pack of tissues, my house key, and some band-aids. You never know when you are going to need these. And now I have a clean, organized, and functional purse once again!


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Thank you Candi, for suggesting our collaboration and for allowing me to guest post. Now that you have seen how easy it is, when will you be Spring cleaning your purse?

Here is a video I shared a long time ago of some fun things you can have in your purse.

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  1. I switch purses about once every six weeks, so I go through the emptying process a lot. I never use a purse twice, so mine is generally always clean.

  2. Great idea!

    I joke that my purse is a “Marry poppins bag” because I have everything you’ll ever need in it. (Yes, even a mini first aid kit with band-aids.)

    You’re right though that it’s long overdue for a clean out!

    1. My SIL is like that too! I wonder sometimes if she doesn’t get a sore back from carrying her purse!

  3. My purse looks like I am a crazy hoarder. I guess that comes with having kids and needing so many little things for them as well as myself everyday. I definitely need to get better about cleaning it and organizing!!

    1. I feel that way about my bed linens sometimes. Instead of washing them, I should just get a new pair!

  4. Oh my word, I need to get this done! It’s so hard to keep your purse from becoming a dumping ground!

  5. I need to do a whole purse re-vamp – I have had that scary feeling of not finding my debit card too many times to count, unfortunately. I need to get a larger purse than what I have. I keep telling myself if it is small, I can keep it under control, but that doesn’t work, and then I can’t fit what I need anyways 🙂

  6. I find myself ‘spring cleaning’ my purse at least once a month. I seriously don’t know how I continuously accumulate so much stuff in it, but it always happens. However, more often than not, I am finding more of my 4 yr old’s stuff in it than my own lol

  7. Thanks for reminding me that I need to clean out my purse, lol! I can never find what I need in it.

    Southern Soul

  8. Ok, I definitely have to dump my WHOLE purse in order to really clean it out. Otherwise, I just take like ONE thing out and feel like I emptied it all haha!

  9. Oh my, I would be embarrassed if you looked in my purse today! I believe I have an extra, unused, in original container 🙂 mouthpiece for my daughter for lacrosse. Plus receipts from ? I must do your clean up

  10. As a mom I feel like I am always cleaning out my purse! I keep my stuff separated in baggies. This way the kid snack crumbs don’t mix into my stuff.

  11. I just got a new purse, but yeah, that other one was nasty when I made the switch! This is a great plan, and a darn good idea. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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