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Lemon Recipes: Delicious Ways to Use Lemons

Create some of the best lemon recipes that are flavorful and delicious using homegrown or store-bought lemons.

Last month my friend brought me a whole bag of lemons. I love lemons, I can think of a million things to do with them, especially for baking.

But it is also great for cleaning. Lemons are one of the most natural products you can use in cleaning your home without chemicals.

I told my friend, to share the wealth with others because they would go bad before I finished them since it is winter here. So she enlightened me by telling me to freeze them.

I had heard this before, but never took it to heart. So as my bag sat there for a few days on my counter, I decided to give it a try.

Sliced Lemons for Lemon Recipes

Lemon Recipes and Tools

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I got out my juicer and lemons and gave them a twist.

Out of four lemons, I almost got a whole tray out of it. Place the juice through the small mesh strainer before you put it in the trays.

How easy is this? Now you can take out a cube and let it thaw and use it for any of your lemon recipes, plus, you can zest the lemons first and place it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Fresh lemon zest will take your recipes to a new level.

Crystal Lemon Juicer with sliced lemon

You can use the cubes in your water and Iced Tea also.

Basket of Lemons

If you love lemon recipes start with these options:

Lemon Recipes and Lemon beverages

More things to make with lemons in your home.

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  1. I grew up in Arizona and our neighbors had a lemon tree. One of my “chores” growing up was juicing lemons and oranges (from our 2 trees). We definitely froze lemon juice just like this, and it was perfect portions for lemonade, etc. Great idea!

    1. I keep looking for neighbors with lemon trees, I can't find any. My friends send them to me when they have too many. At least I can have them now.

  2. Stopping by from a comment you left on a blog – because I am a sucker for lemons. Love, love, love them. My parents live in Phoenix and I always take me a bag of lemons from one of their trees home to Colorado. My mom does this with lemons too. Great way to preserve them for future baking. I squeeze lemon juice onto crepes and then dust them with some powdered suger – my favorite way to have them. Squeeze them on salads, fish, into homemade salad dressings, squeeze a half a lemon, a T of honey and 1 C hot water first thing in the morning. Gets me through winters without a cold and is good to keep things “moving” too. Love lemon dessert of any kind… okay… I'll stop. But I could go on and on.
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  3. I love lemons and I try to put them in everything I can. I do keep my zest in the fridge as well. I especially love baking with lemons….I love citrus flavor and aroma.
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  4. What a great idea! I am a lemon fanatic— salads, soups, meat, seafood, beverages…. it gets added to everything (my husband has to remind me that not everyone likes things as sour as I do)!
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  5. OK, new project for me to do. Especially when recipes always call for fresh lemon juice and I make the husband run out to the grocery store during rush hour. Oh how he LOVES that!

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