10 Tips from Teachers to Parents Wanting to Help Make Great Students

These 10 tips from teachers to parents wanting to help make great students this the best year.

Kids are back in school and back to school night is here. What can we do as parents to make  this year be the best it can be for our kids and teachers?

10 Tips from Teachers To Make Great Students



Everything your child is learning now and the habits they are creating will prepare them as they become an adult. The skills they learn now can be positive or negative. The patterns they establish now is important. Give your child the best start they can have.

Parents want to do the best for their kids, but sometimes (we) don’t do that. Teachers want their students to succeed, but there are times that parents get in the way and have an opposite effect, without realizing it.

Some classes can have up to 40 students, (and up to 80 parents) in the room and teachers need to set boundaries and have schedules to give each student the attention they need.

I was a teachers assistant for several years in elementary school. I saw first hand both sides of the coin here. The parents and the teachers. It gave me a better insight as to what both sides experience. I really wanted to share my feelings on this topic. Our children spend more time during the day with the teacher than with the parent, so we need to be on the same page (so to speak).

I recently interviewed several K – 8 teachers and got their feedback on things that can help this year be the best for our children.

10 Tips from Teachers:

  1. If teachers send home an agenda each day or week, make sure you are reading it and answering any comments in it.
  2. Ask the office if they need help in the classroom. Usually after the 1st month of school there are lots of opportunities.
  3. Set up a reward system when the student brings home outstanding grades.
  4. For younger grades, make sure to invite all the boys or all the girls or both to birthday parties, so no one feel left out. (like this one)
  5. Bring water bottle to school each day and Read to your children as much as possible.
  6. Get plenty of sleep each night and try to stay on the same routine.
  7. If you have a need to discuss a sticky situation with your teacher, don’t talk about it in front of your children.
  8. Make sure you have read all the school policies before hand, check uniforms, pick up and drop off procedures, tardy procedures, volunteer policies, food and snack policies.
  9. Understand your student’s teacher, wants the best for everyone and needs to be a partner with the parents for the best outcome.
  10. Don’t plan to many outside activities that your child doesn’t have time to study or read each day.


One for the road from a teacher, “we don’t believe everything your child says about you, so don’t believe everything they say about the teacher.”  All in good fun.

There are 180 days in each school year. Make sure your children are at school everyday. This helps create structure and good habits. Let’s make this the best school year and give your children the best experience they can have and don’t forget to tell their teachers thank you.

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