How to Prepare for Christmas

Start preparing for a memorable Christmas by planning ahead to reduce the chaos and spend the day making treasured memories.

It’s just a few weeks away and time is flying by.  Are you thinking, how do I prepare for Christmas during all the holiday craziness? Well, I have a checklist for you to do just that.

It can seem overwhelming, but with just a few tips and ideas to get done early, it can be a breeze. If you are preparing a Christmas Eve get- together, or Christmas Brunch,  just plan accordingly below.

Christmas Dinner Checklist

How to Prepare for Christmas with Free Timeline Checklist


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Three Weeks Before:

  • Plan Your Guest List
  • Write Out Your Menu
  • Send out Holiday Cards
  • Set up your tree or any holiday decorations

Two Weeks Before:

  • Shop for any specialty ingredients you may need to find.
  • Purchase any table favors you may need
  • Buy any candles you may need
  • Wash and Iron all tablecloths and napkins

One Week Before:

The Weekend Before or Three Days Prior:

  • Wash all the dishes that you will be using (Bowls, serving spoons,  teapot, Coffee Pot, crockpot, etc. )
  • Set your table and put a tablecloth over so the dishes don’t get dusty
  • Defrost your turkey in the refrigerator if you bought a frozen one.
  • Clean your house or enlist your children to do the cleaning (reward them with a few dollars that they can use to go shopping)
  • Make any dishes that can be frozen and heated the morning of.
  • Get your entryway or porch ready or guest bedroom and bathroom
  • Get all your Christmas Music ready or Alexa prepared.

Two Days Before:

  • Reread your guest list and menu: (I like to look this over to make sure I didn’t forget anything)
  • Wrap any last-minute gifts you may have for your guests.

Christmas Eve:

  • Take a few minutes to remember what you are thankful for. Write them out and keep them near.
  • Get your desserts prepared and put on cake plates or refrigerate
  • Get your breakfast casserole made up to pop in the oven in the morning for your family.
  • Make some hot chocolate and sit by the fire and relax. You accomplished a lot.
  • Make sure your phones are charged and your DSLR Battery is Charged and you have a Memory Card ready.

Christmas Day: Enjoy and Make Memories

Here are some Christmas recipes you might try:


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  1. W’re hosting Christmas Dinner this year so these tips are perfect for us. We’re actually planning on making some of the menu items ahead of time so we’re not stuck in the kitchen all day.

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