Thoughtful Gifts for Men: Budget Friendly

Choosing Thoughtful Gifts for Men that are budget-friendly can be a daunting chore as Father’s Day approaches along with any other holiday or gift-giving occasion.

Planning the day and giving gifts on a budget can be difficult, to say the least, but we are here to help give you ideas that he, (Dad, Hubby, Brother, Son, etc) will appreciate this holiday.

Just because you are working with a budget doesn’t mean your man gets the short end of the stick. It means you are going to be more creative and put more thought into it.

Let’s get started……

Thoughtful gifts for men
Thoughtful Gifts for Men

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Choosing Thoughtful Gifts for Men

  • Sports Night Party: Pick a night that is having his favorite sport on TV and invite a few of his friends over and create some fun snacks geared around the sport and cheer on his favorite team.
  • Treasure Hunt: A few years ago, I shared this idea on A Day in Candiland. We created a treasure hunt for Father’s Day and left clues for his gift.
  • Create A Snack Basket: Create a basket with his favorite snacks and include a DVD or 2 Movie Tickets. You can get some ideas from this Romantic Gift Basket idea.
  • Shave Set: Get him a nice shave set or sign him up for the Dollar Shave Club and you can cancel after a few months or keep it going.
  • Get the Kids Involved: Get the kids together and ask them to write a Thank you letter to their dad for all he has done for them. No matter what age the kids are, he will treasure whatever they write.
  • Kids Idea Number 2: Have the kids create a special meal for him. Give each one a job depending on their capability. Let them choose the item and let them go to town preparing something just for him.
  • Exotic Jerky Kit: If your man loves Beef Jerkey, he will love this assorted kit.
  • Take A Picnic to Your Backyard or Local special area: If you live near a park, beach, lake or mountain area make a picnic basket or purchase a few grocery items and spend the day, being electronic free. This would be a great time, to plan for some of your dreams and bucket list ideas.
  • Night Under the Stars: Take the idea above and find a great location or your backyard where you can take in the stars. Get a Telescope if you can find one from a friend and enjoy a cool evening.
  • Local Zoos: Many times you can find a local zoo that is less expensive than the larger ones. There are discounts you can find for many zoos and museums. Bank of America offers it’s customers one Saturday a month where you get free admission or a great discount, so see if your bank offers something like this.
  • Garage Sale: This may sound odd, but you can spend the morning having a garage sale and then use the money you earn for Dinner for Two or a family night out.
  • Car Wash: You can have the kids or yourself wash and shine his car, Add some tire polisher, a good vacuum and an air freshener with a small Starbucks gift card inside or a love letter how much you appreciate him.
  • Help him with chores: Mow the lawn, trim some bushes or have some friends come over and help do some of his handyman chores. You can even trade services with a friend to get it done.
  • Plan a Game Night: Either with the kids or have a few friends over. Sometimes just doing something a little different can be a game-changer for your hard-working man.
  • Go for a Hike or Bike Ride: Getting out of the house and car and being outdoors is good for your mind, soul and body. It’s a great way to exercise, see nature and get away from electronics.
  • Clean up the Barbecue: and get him a few new tools. Then help make a delicious easy meal on his shiny barbecue.
  • Attend a Car Show: Many areas have weekend car shows that can be a lot of fun and entertaining. Just Google Car shows in your area.
  • Gifts for the Photographer: Do you have a photographer in your life? Choose some accessories for him that won’t break the budget.

How do I celebrate Dad when he doesn’t live nearby?

If Dad does not live in the area, you can celebrate by mail, phone or Facetime. You can do this by either creating a small box full of mementos or a scrapbook of some of the good times you remember. Maybe even include a few notes into the scrapbook.

You can also get all the family together and call and share some great stories with dad.

If you have Facetime capability, how about doing a little skit with the family, or everyone reading a family memory about dad. You could even video it before and send it to him.

Many parents wait all day for their kids to call. It can be a hard time for them if they are alone. Make it a priority to do this early in the day.

Father’s Day, Birthdays and Holidays

On Father’s Day or any day you are planning on getting a gift for the men in your life, you can do it on a budget while being thoughtful at the same time. They will certainly appreciate the fact that you took the time to be creative all while not splurging.

Remember it’s about your heart and being generous which doesn’t always mean monetary gifts. Let them know how much they mean to you and they are loved.

Thoughtful Ideas and Gifts for Men in Your Life When You’re on a Budget

What ideas can you come up with that are FREE, CHEAP, FRUGAL or BUDGET Friendly for gifting your favorite men? Let us know in the comments if you found one of our ideas that you will try.

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