The Ultimate Tea Party Checklist

Are you planning a tea party in the future? This Tea Party Checklist is just what you need to keep track of all your options.

When I walked into my first tearoom in Newport Beach, It was like walking into Disneyland for adults.  I was overwhelmed by all the cute things you need or could have for tea time to have a small or large tea party, like this themed Alice in Wonderland Tea.

Ultimate Tea Party Checklist

Are you planning a Tea Party and Need a Checklist?

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So I sat down and started writing lists and planning all the things I would need to start a tea party business. This article is not to show you how to start a business, but it is to help you be the best host at your next event.

Either bridal shower, birthday party, kids party, or baby shower, this will work for any of them. In my article the top ten things for your next tea party, it gives you a brief list of things to help you plan or should consider.

This is an expanded list and detailed plan that you can come back to and hopefully pin so you won’t forget. I wouldn’t mind if you shared it either. hint, hint.

I have even created a Tea Party Printable Checklist for you to print off below. As an added bonus you can get the Teacup Story to read at your event.

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Your Ultimate Tea Party Must-Have List:

The first thing you need is a location to have your tea party. 

  • A Backyard of your own or a friend
  • A local park
  • The beach
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant Private Room
  • Women’s Club
  • Church
  • Country Club



  • Harpist
  • Keyboard player
  • Cd Player
  • Itunes with Alexa


Table Settings



Cup of Tea on a white counter

I hope this tea party checklist and printable will help you with items you might need for planning your next baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, or event. If you have any other items you think should be added, leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list.

More ideas and decor for your Afternoon Tea Party

Plate of Tea Party foods.

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  1. T hank you for sharing! I just started an online bakery, and was thinking about how to incorporate my backyard and wrap around front porch into my business. Private tea parties are a wonderful idea!

  2. Thanks so much, Candi. I had no idea tea parties could be so elaborate. You have thought of everything. My personality is pretty laid back and casual so I can’t really picture myself at a fancy tea party. But I do love my tea! ­čÖé

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